A key tenet of the Audiohook platform is the ability to determine the events and/or conversions that occurred as a result of an audio campaign.

In order to identify said events, marketers must pass any events that they are wanting to track into the Audiohook Pixel. Fortunately, this can be done by simply appending the event information to account specific Audiohook Pixel url as shown below. Note that double curly brackets are to denote variables and should not be included.

<img src="https://listen.audiohook.com/abcdefgh-ijkl-mnop-qrst-uvwxyzabcdef/pixel.png?event_name={{EVENT-NAME}}&event_id={{EVENT-ID}}&event_value={{EVENT-VALUE-USD}}" style="display: none;">

There are three event parameters that can be appended to the Audiohook Pixel url.






This is the name associated with the event. For example, click or purchase. It can be any text however it must not contain spaces or special characters.



This is a unique id associated with the event to differentiate between multiple events with the same name. For example it could be an order id or the timestamp of a click. It can be any text however it must not contain spaces or special characters. Events with the same event_id will be treated as one single event.



This is the value associated with an action and is used in automatically calculating ROAS for a given audio campaign. In the case that this parameter is not supplied, the value defaults to zero. This value can be any number but must exclude any symbols such as dollar signs or commas. Decimals are accepted.

Below are two example events:

In the case of an e-commerce business that wants to track purchases, here is an example event where a user made a purchase for $107.12 and the associated order id is 182.

<img src="https://listen.audiohook.com/abcdefgh-ijkl-mnop-qrst-uvwxyzabcdef/pixel.png?event_name=purchase&event_id=182&event_value=107.12" style="display: none;">

In the case of a SAAS business that wants to track leads, here is an example event where a user submitted a form to download an industry white paper which has a lead value of $20. Note that for the event_id, we supplied the MD5 hash of the user's email address which is bob@saascompany.com. Personally identifiable information should not be passed in events.

<img src="https://listen.audiohook.com/abcdefgh-ijkl-mnop-qrst-uvwxyzabcdef/pixel.png?event_name=whitepaperdownload&event_id=97eb7a8f08eede4079d280327d496206&event_value=20" style="display: none;">

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